Reed is a typical Type A personality. He's extremely organized, meticulously neat in both his home and his appearance, and is heavily into fitness despite his hearty appetite for all things delicious and not necessarily healthy. To anyone that knows him, the running joke is that he can't do anything unless it's written down in his planner, but he does have more moments of spontaneity than he makes it seem. He's rough around the edges at times, but for the most part, he can be just as outgoing and friendly as anyone else, especially if he knows the person. Reed bores easily, so he tends to need constant stimulation of some kind, and therefore he ends up taking on too many things to keep his mind busy. He's a history buff, is heavily into True Crime, and can quote any episode of Friends at the drop of a hat.

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Reed and his younger sister Emily were born into wealth. Their grandfather made his fortune as a shipping merchant and his success trickled down into the Montgomery siblings lifestyle. Though they grew up with everything they needed, their mother and father also taught them the value of hard work and how important it was to not take things for granted. Aside from working hard in school, Reed got his first job when he was sixteen-years-old delivering pizzas part time for a local eatery. Though not an overly popular kid through elementary and middle school, when high school hit, he became better known. Reed excelled at athletics, but he did it out of genuine enjoyment, not for fame or popularity (though the company of cute cheerleaders didn't hurt his male teenage ego in the least).

When it came to scholastics, his grades had always been middle of the word. Not a straight A student across the boards, he maintained a high enough GPA not only to please his parents, but himself as well. A stubborn teenager, once he put his mind to something, he damn well did it. This attitude has carried into his adulthood, which can be beneficial and harmful. When in the midst of a project (big or small), Reed is unable to focus on anything else. When it came time to apply to college, he was torn between his family alma mater or traveling across the country for something else.

His parents wanted him close, and Reed's father never hid his desire for his son to go into the family business. Over the years, using his skill and money, Reed Sr. managed to establish a highly reputable name for the family in the furniture business. Though Corsicana didn't boast a population of Boston or New York City, through hard work and good work ethic, Montgomery Furniture became quite successful over the years. Reed Sr. was at the helm and Reed's mother handled the books. Emily, too young and too disinterested made it clear she didn't want to be part of the family business. Quite like Reed, she wanted bigger things. Perhaps further down south or across the US into the West Coast.

He had many options. When he turned eighteen, he came into a decent sized chunk of inheritance money from his belated grandfather. Because of his parents' wealth, Reed was lucky to have his father pay for his law school education. There was the idea of going for his doctorate, but he didn't know if his passion lied there. Instead, Reed decided to put off law school for a year or two. For a while, he stayed in Corsicana and puttered around, picking up odd jobs here and there. After that, he decided to satiate his curiosity and leave Corsicana. A buddy from college was about to embark on some major traveling and asked him to join.

With nothing holding him down, Reed didn't hesitate and the two traveled around. Upon his arrival back home, his father announced plans to expand the furniture company to Dallas with his brother (Reed's uncle) and Reed at the helm. This time, he was all for joining the family business. Though a frustrating process, once the business was launched, the hard work was worth it.

Reed's love life wasn't anything to write home about. Through high school and law school, he had girlfriends. He'd even been in love, but nothing really stuck. Not until he met and eventually fell for a blue-eyed blonde who ran and owned a local bakery. What started out as mild flirtation quickly turned into an intense relationship which lasted almost 4 years. They were on the road to marriage, when Reed's familial foundation broke in half. When his parents announced their separation, it shook up the Montgomery siblings. Later, when an infidelity was revealed, Reed's notions on love and marriage shattered. Unable to really cope with it all, he began pulling away from the relationship and eventually broke up with her.

He found someone to replace him at the furniture company and took some time away to visit Emily in Georgia. Over a year passed and with the family slowly on the mend, Reed decided to come back to Texas, but has ignored his father's many pleas to rejoin the family business. Instead, he's put himself back in to opening up his own law office, using old contacts and friends to get his foot back in the door.